The tail-end of the year is actually my favorite time.  I am allergic to resolutions – they are a major demand-resistance trigger, and a sure recipe for failure for me – but I love to use the last couple of days of the old year to clear the decks for the coming of the new year.  I am a little bit superstitious, and tend to set a lot of store by starting the new year with an actual feeling of openness and newness.  I’ve learned about myself that I can’t do this when my house is messy and / or dirty.

This year, I feel like I’m starting at a bit of a disadvantage, although honestly I probably feel like that every year and just don’t remember.  I got promoted in September, and have really been struggling to find my feet after discovering the workload doubling and now being responsible for building a team of about 8 people almost from scratch.  I come home just to sleep, basically.  I’ve also been sick for the last two weeks, with various things, so am now feeling completely overwhelmed.

I’ve got six days of vacation left before I have to go back to work.  I’ve basically spent the last week asleep, so am feeling a fair amount of pressure to do what the title says and PURGE ALL THE THINGS!!  Moving away would work too, if I could just take the cats and my laptop and step into a shiny new place.  With housecleaning fairies, a big washer and dryer on the same floor as my closet, and a grizzled-yet-buff handyman who enjoys walking around shirtless.

Where was I?  Right – six days left, and no running away.

Here’s my plan for the rest of my free time:

Day 1 (Tuesday) – Defilthification.  Also known as Destankification, plus basic surface cleaning.  This’ll get me back to living someplace that looks like it might support human habitation and doesn’t smell of dirty dishes, dirty clothes, and over-used catboxes.

Ideal Goal:  Looks like the housecleaning fairies and the shirtless handyman just left after attacking everything with fervor and vim and beating it into harmonious submission.

Realistic Goal:  It don’t stank.

Day 2 (Wednesday) – Further assault on the laundry mountain, and one closet.  (Plus hanging out with two friends, possibly even out in the Big Blue Room, a.k.a. “Outside”.)

Ideal:  All laundry done and put away, linen closet purged of everything expired, ugly and/or unnecessary, world peace achieved.

Realistic:  Another load done and put away.  I can find my meds and there’s room for the towels.

Day 3 (Thursday) – More laundry and The Big Closet What Holds All the Yarn.

Ideal:  Everything neatly put away, all the floor space is clear, and nothing extraneous is left in there.

Realistic:  I can see the floor, and nothing’s about to fall off anything.  All the yarn is at least in a box of some kind.

Day 4 – (Friday) Groceries, fridge purge, and What To Do With All The Lids and Kitchen Crap

Ideal:  Everything is taken out of cabinets, drawers and fridge, scrubbed and put back.  All unused appliances and gadgets are tossed, pantry is reorganized, and I Find The Perfect Lid Solution.

Realistic:  No old food in fridge or pantry, lids not falling on my head.

Day 5 (Saturday) – Clothing and anything left to do in The Big Closet (unifying theme – both are in my bedroom)

Ideal:  All my clothes are neatly arranged, de-linted and outfits are set for the coming week including jewelry.  All clutter is purged.

Realistic:  Summer stuff is put away, pants are dropped off for hemming, and nothing’s lurking on the floor.

Day 6 (Sunday) – Crochet group, cooking for next week, and a couple of hours of prepping my mind to get back to work Monday.

Ideal:  I worked diligently all week and everything is perfect.  I go to bed early, satisfied with myself and ready to face 2015.

Realistic:  I have clean underwear!  And lunches for the week!  And maybe a 3 item punch list for Monday so I don’t feel like a totally unprepared doofus.

I’ll use the blog to keep track of how this is going, and so I can remember that I did in fact do things, in a couple of months when I feel overwhelmed again.

ETA:  Updated to add goals.  Because I hate myself just that much and can’t just sit here quietly and sip my tea.