• Swept bathroom floor and wiped it down real quick with a Windexed towel.  Good enough
  • Cleaned all bathroom surfaces
  • Laid out fresh bathroom towels and rugs
  • Vacuumed the front hallway, because the cats had gone all Freddy Krueger on some cardboard in there.
  • Dusted the bathroom
  • Tidied the kitchen a bit more
  • Straightened couches a little
  • Had aforementioned hot monkey sex with The Guy (even the Russian judge gave it a “10”)
  • Went out into the Big Blue Room and hung out with friends.  Got donuts.  Ate them.

No progress at all on the linen closet.  I’m not going to spend the last 5 minutes of the year flinging stuff around like a crazy person.  I’m going to enjoy my clean living room and my cuddly cats, and sit here with my Kaluha listening to Grace Slick and being grateful for a good year, all things considered, and another opportunity to begin again.  May this next year be even better than the last one.  May I allow myself to enjoy it, no matter what my closets look like.