Meditated, did yoga and ate breakfast (at noon, because I didn’t get up til 11, but I refuse to call it lunch).

Pulled everything out of the Big Closet What Holds All the Yarn (BCWHATY), at least the stuff that was loose and not in an actual box up against the wall.

Found 3 blouses I thought I’d lost, and three more that I’m not sure still fit.  Tried one of them on and paired it with the sparkly jacket and flowy pants that make up my one and only evening outfit, which has been missing a shirt since I got rid of the one I usually used. (Note to self – eventually buy a suitable belt and some sparkly shoes.)

Finally took the remaining 12 candles out of the seriously enormous box I bought from Overstock TEN YEARS AGO.  Put the pillar candles on top of the bookcase in an unimaginative but symmetrical pattern.  Tossed the seriously enormous box, and the taper candles, which I will never use and which smelled funny.

Looked at my BCWHATY and realized I had 8 shelves that were ridiculously underutilized.  Like, one empty box on each shelf.  Took everything off those shelves and either tossed it or found a new home.

Realized that, rather than books or decorative items, I was storing all my office supplies in plain sight in my living room.  Moved everything to the 8 formerly-underutilized shelves in the BCWHATY.  Now realize that I have two floor-to-almost-ceiling bookcases in which to put all the tchotchkes that have been crammed above the kitchen cabinets, and are still in random boxes throughout the apartment.  I can now take “buy display shelves” off my list.  (Please note that the tchotchkes haven’t been displayed in any even remotely decorative way also in about 10 years.  I may realize I hate them all, but at least they’re no longer in boxes or in the aesthetic Siberia above the kitchen cabinets.)

Found several unopened Amazon packages in the bookshelves.  Opened them and put the stuff away.  Batman fabric, a graphic novel, and bulk condoms, if you must know.

Very much wanted to keep stuff off the closet floor as much as possible, so wanted to make better use of the shelves that run along the top of the closet.  Took down three boxes of things I haven’t looked at since my mother died 12 years ago.  Two of them were boxes of (even more) tchotchkes.  Unpacked them all, threw away the ones I didn’t like that were broken, and set aside three that I do like that were broken in fixable ways.  Remarkably few overall were broken, compared to the first four boxes that I unpacked 6 years ago.  The breakages, and how guilty I feel about them, is why it took me so long to get to these.  I felt like I’d failed or disrespected Mom somehow by letting her things get broken.

The third box was full of photo albums and – much to my delight – paintings from both my mother and my son.  I’ve added them to the shelves, because none of them are framed.  I put the photo albums and my son’s sketchbooks on the bottom shelf, along with some of my parents’ other papers.

That gave me basically one and a half shelves back, so I was able to put up most of the yarn boxes.  I switched the summer clothes from another big box to a small hamper, and was able to corrall all the remaining yarn from all over the house.  Knit and crochet implements also got rounded up and are all in one place now.  Moving the summer clothes got me some additional space in my clothes closet, so I also took all the purses, luggage and empty storage boxes out of the clothes closet and found tidy homes for them in the BCWHATY.  Actually got rid of a couple, plus some hats and scarves.

So, five hours after I started, I have a clean closet, a pile of trash to take out, an empty trunk-style coffee table (where most of the loose yarn was stashed), empty bookshelves and a new home for all the assorted tchotchkes lurking around the house.  I’m tired.  Nothing else from the list really got done.  This is a recurring theme with me – I plan, my plan is logical if ambitious, following it would be easy……… aaaaaaaand I do a bunch of other stuff instead.  Sometimes I happen to get mostly the results I would’ve if I’d followed my plan, but it’s a crap shoot.

Dinner and then bedtime.  Tomorrow’s a new day.