1. Get up at 5:00 to be awake for grocery delivery sometime between 6am-8am.  (Peapod, I love you so.)

2. Yoga, meditation, breakfast.

3. While waiting for groceries, do some catch up from earlier this week:

  • Dust
  • Sweep and mop kitchen floor
  • Deep clean all kitchen surfaces
  • Take everything out of linen closet.  Toss everything unnecessary.  Rearrange everything that’s left and take stock of anything needed.
  • Make sure it’s easy to get to my meds and I can immediately see what’s running low.
  • Be honest with myself about the various makeup and potions – have I used it in the last 3 months?  Why not?  If it makes me sad, toss it. (Note to self – you can barely take your actual medications, let alone the 3572 supplements you bought.  Toss everything but the daily multi vitamin, and then take that sumbeech daily.)
  • Vacuum
  • Dismantle couches, fluff cushions, vacuum and spray with febreze
  • Vacuum giant cat pillow and sprinkle with ‘nip.  Laugh when cats roll around and fall off pillow.
  • Wash and put away at least two more loads of laundry

4. Leave at 9:30 to go to doctor’s appointment.  Try to be back by noon.

5. Start the pantry and hall closet purge.  At the end of it shall be no expired food, and a place to hold all the plastic containers and their lids.

  • Put all the coats in the BCWHATY.  Leave a hanger or two for the current coat, plus a guest coat.
  • Hats, scarves and gloves in the clothes closet, in one of the newly emptied drawers.
  • Door decorations in a box in the BCWHATY.
  • Get rid of any appliance you haven’t used in the last year, or that you have multiples of (blenders, I’m lookin’ at you…).
  • Find a new home for the alcohol.  You’re a grown-ass adult and don’t need to hide it in the hall closet.
  • Get rid of the rest of That Ex’s stuff.
  • Throw away the paint samples fercryinoutloud – those swatches have been on the wall for 3 years now.  I bet those colors got discontinued in any case.
  • Move the cat supplies to where the other cat supplies are.  Duh.
  • Take all the tchotchkes off the tops of the cabinets – don’t get sidetracked moving them around; just get them into the bookcase and be done with it.  Toss anything you hate.
  • Are you really going to drink all that tea?  Seriously?  When?
  • Do you really need 6 cans of pureed pumpkin?  Make soup or GTFO.
  • Put crock pot, fryer and bakeware in the front closet after moving the booze and plasticware.
  • Speaking of which, the plasticware can go in the drawers that get emptied when you move the hatsscarvesgloves, the door decorations and That Ex’s stuff/paint samples.