1. Get up at 5:00 to be awake for grocery delivery sometime between 6am-8am.  (Peapod, I love you so.) Done.  I really prefer setting the alarm for about an hour before I need to get up, and then lying in bed internetting.  I’m sated after about 45 minutes, and then get up without a problem.  I take that 45 minutes anyway, usually, but when I time it so that I see it as “bonus” time, and not time I’m stealing away from other stuff, I enjoy it more and get up with less resentment.

2. Yoga, meditation, breakfast.  Well, breakfast happened.  And I made soup from the multiple cans of pumpkin puree, two cans of coconut milk, veggie broth and spices (curry powder, turmeric, cumin, salt, pepper, Mrs. Dash bold and spicy).  Holy crap that was good.  Made a ton, and I get to have it all week – yay, one meal sorted!

3. While waiting for groceries, do some catch up from earlier this week. None of this actually happened Friday.  Feeling myself developing resistance to it, although I’m going to tackle the linen closet shortly.  One of the problems is that the purging process creates chaos – I have several boxes of crap to get out of my house – and every open thread weighs on me, so after a while, I just feel jangly and overwhelmed.  Instead of avoiding tasks because of this, I would really enjoy taking a quick break, figuring out how to close the open threads, and then get back into it.

4. Leave at 9:30 to go to doctor’s appointment.  Try to be back by noon. Actually did this on time, got there with time to spare, and had a good session.  He uses sarcasm as a therapeutic tool, which I have mixed feelings about, but unfortunately it’s actually effective on me.  It always takes us some time to unearth what the theme is.  Today it was how difficult it is to ask for help, and how I want to learn how to do that now so I’m not one of those 70-80 year olds who push people away their whole lives UNTIL THEY NEED HELP, and then they wonder why nobody’s around to help them and why they’re so lonely.

However, instead of coming home by noon, I went to the mall, got a perm (3 hours – but spent the better part of that with my eyes closed, focused on my breathing; even got a lovely scalp massage at the end – bliss!), had lunch and dinner there, and got home around 5:30.  Oops.  Came home, took a 4 hour nap, and then started working again around 10.  I’ve been wanting to get the perm for weeks now, and this is really my last opportunity for a while.  I have the whole weekend for it to settle down before I go back to work Monday.  Jury’s still out, but I’m getting used to it.

5. Start the pantry and hall closet purge.  At the end of it shall be no expired food, and a place to hold all the plastic containers and their lids.  Got part of this done Thursday night after I posted, which is how I had the pumpkin and coconut milk ready to go Friday morning.  Finished the rest after my nap.  The most satisfying part was getting rid of all That Ex’s stuff.  Really, we’ve been broken up now longer than we were together, and I’ve been dating other people for a while now.  I don’t need any of him in my house anymore.  The other satisfying part is how much space I have, and the realization that I don’t have to fill it up.

Of course, instead of cloistering myself tomorrow and trying to get the last of the cleaning done, I accepted a date from The Cop and will probably spend the bulk of the day with him, which is going to be a lot of fun.  He usually is.  Not going to spend the night, though – when I do that, I don’t get home until noon, and then just want a nap.  I also find that I really, really prefer to sleep in my own bed in my own home.

All in all a really good day. I spent too much money, but I had fun, and I feel pampered and pretty.  Oh, yeah, and I got stuff done around the house too!