After yoga, meditation and breakfast:

1. Start 2 more loads of laundry by 7.

2. Put chili components in crock pot.

3. Vacuum.

4. Put away anything not put away.  Throw away anything that needs it.

5. Stank and clutter patrol.

6. Figure out clothes for the week and maybe pre-assemble outfits.  (Don’t forget the purple pendant.)

7. Clean out work tote bag and put together stuff for the office: painting, calendar, cookies,

8. Leave at 2:45 pm for crochet group.  Hang out until promptly 5, and then go home.  Maybe buy some danish for Monday morning, to soften the blow of having to go back to work.

9. Spend about an hour after crochet reading work emails and getting my shit together so I don’t feel completely useless when I walk in Monday morning.